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About Us


Paint. Sip. Listen. Love.

Modern Party Art Owners

Hi from Sammy and Justin!  A little about us:

We are best friends who are in love who decided to take a risk and go into business together!

We started traveling to restaurants, bars, homes, schools, and more in 2019.  Between June and December 2019, we did 65 paint parties while having full-time jobs!  We found a brick-and-mortar building and signed the lease and quit our jobs! So exciting! We hired our kids to help run the business too!

However, COVID tried us man!! We didn't let it stop us.  We were officially allowed to open our doors in July 2020.  And we flourished.  A few bumps in the road, but we did it!

We offer paint parties, event space, open mic night, comedy nights, pop-up shops, and more!

Modern Party Art is Black Owned.

We are the ONLY Black-owned paint party studio in New England! We are the ONLY all things art public studio!




I was born and raised in Boston, MA with a majority of my family on both sides raised down south. That equipped me with the hospitality skills required to thrive as an owner of an experienced based business. While expanding my entrepreneurial portfolio, I am thankful to be in partnership with such a vibrant mind. To much more success in business and spirit my love Sammy.    


A little about me:

I have always been attracted to the personality in art as a lifestyle.  Creatives are my favorite type of people because of the freedoms/uniqueness allowed in the expression.  I enjoyed drawing cartoons as a kid.  As I matured, my artistic channel became more musically inclined. This tango with Art and love has brought me back around to how I once felt as a youth.


Favorite Color: Olive Green

Favorite Season: Spring (New life)

Favorite Pastime: Mindfulness activities with my kids




I am a Dorchester native, been here my whole life.  My parents are from Cape Verde and Puerto Rico. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and one lovely bonus baby, who are my whole reason for striving and creating.  

I have been described by people as resilient, creative, sweet, and bubbly.  My mission in life is to give my people a safe place to create, love, and be heard.  I use art to connect me and my circle back to our roots.  Black is beautiful. Black is royal. Be proud. 


A little about me:

I started drawing when I realized a pencil could write and only started painting as an adult. I had no idea how therapeutic it would be to zone out and paint. I have worked with children of all ages and abilities. While working in the school system, I realized I will never be completely happy in my career until I can satisfy my desire to help other people be great in much broader ways than a traditional school can provide. I want to teach my children what it feels like to love, incorporate art in daily life, and instill cultural awareness in all people regardless of race, religion, size, and differences.  


Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Season: Summer (80 degrees and breezy)

Favorite Place to Visit: Anywhere tropical

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