Sammy & Justin

Partners in love, life, and business...

Sammy and Justin met at Lasell College in 2008. They have been friends ever since. They followed each other on social media for 10 years, spoke on the phone a few times, and heart-eyed each other's pics on Instagram frequently and unapologetically. Their admiration for each other finally led to a more romantic level, when they finally took each other more seriously.  Of course, Sammy and Justin fell deeply in love, realizing that they are not just romantic partners, but best friends, and business partners.


They both share a common intellectual mindsight and creative interests.  Together there is nothing they will not conquer with music, art, a little sass and a lot of love.


I am a Dorchester, MA native, been here my whole life.  My parents are from Cape Verde (West Africa) and Puerto Rico.  A spicy little mix.  I am a mother before anything else! 

I have been described by people as resilient, creative, sweet, and bubbly.  My mission in life is to give my people a safe place to create, love, and be heard.  I use art to connect me and my circle back to our roots.  Black is beautiful. Black is royal. Be proud. 


I hope to bring unity into the community with art.  I am a lover of everyone! 


A little about me:

I started drawing when I realized a pencil could write. I started painting in 2016. I had no idea how therapeutic it would be to zone out and paint. In 2015, I began working with special needs children.  I double-majored in college in Psychology and special education.  I focused my psychology courses on child studies and abnormal psych.  While in school, I raised my three kids alone and worked full time for Boston Public School Special Ed Dept. While working in the school system, I realized I will never be completely happy in my career until I can satisfy my desire to help other people be great. I hope to exemplify love, art, and cultural awareness to all people, big and small.


Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Season: Summer (80 degrees and breezy)

Favorite Place to Visit: Anywhere tropical


I am a newly 30 year old black male, born and raised in Boston, MA. I am a father of a beautiful three year old baby girl.  While expanding my appreciation for creativity, I am side kicking with my partner in business and love.


May we keep wholesome vibes in rotation. Peace. Love. Light.


A little about me:

I have always been attracted to the personality in art.  Artists are my favorite type of people because of the freedoms allowed in the expression.  I loved to draw cartoons as a kid.  As I grew up, my artistic channel became more musically inclined. This tango with love and art has brought me back around to how I once felt as a child.


Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Season: Spring (New life)

Favorite Pastime: Listening to acoustic sounds.

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