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Unleash Creativity, Spark Joy: Where Kids' Imagination Takes Flight at Our Art Studio!

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Private Paint Parties

Create Unforgettable Memories: Book a Private Paint Party at Modern Party Art!

Treat your kids to an exclusive art extravaganza with their friends, where imagination knows no bounds. Gather 8-50 guests for two hours of private studio time, adorned with custom artwork, delightful decor, and a carefully curated playlist to set the mood. Our fun-filled game and free prizes add an extra dose of excitement! Plus, bring your own food and drinks to make the celebration even more special. Let their creativity soar and cherish the joyous moments together!


MPA Art Camp

Discover Modern Party Art's Art Camp, a creative haven for children aged 5-12 during all school vacations.

With small groups, professional equipment, and two major art projects, our camp introduces kids to unique and intricate forms of art, fostering their creativity and passion. Led by a team of dedicated art teachers, students engage in various crafts and take home their creations each day. Unleash your child's imagination and enroll them in an enriching artistic adventure!

Private Slime Parties

Experience the ultimate slime-tastic adventure with a private slime party at Modern Party Art!

Treat 8-50 guests to two hours of creative fun in a spacious studio, where they can customize fluffy, stretchy slime choosing from a wide array of colors, scents, and embellishments. Each child takes home two 8 oz containers of their personalized slime, along with free prizes from a fun game. Bring your own food and drinks to add a personal touch to the celebration! Don't miss out on this gooey, giggly, and glittery magic – book now!

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