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Meet The Team




I started drawing when I realized a pencil could write and only started painting as an adult. I had no idea how therapeutic it would be to zone out and paint. I have worked with children of all ages and abilities. While working in the school system, I realized I will never be completely happy in my career until I can satisfy my desire to help other people be great in much broader ways than a traditional school can provide. I want to teach my children what it feels like to love, incorporate art in daily life, and instill cultural awareness in all people regardless of race, religion, size, and differences.  

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Hi, my name is Mari! I’ve been interested in art all of my life, it brings me happiness and peace. Which is why I started hosting paint nights! I love creating a vibe and memories with all who come and have a great time!




I’m a self-taught artist, and my favorite things to create are faces. Painting, drawing, and illustrating are my main mediums, but I also like to branch out and work with ceramics.




I have always been attracted to the personality in art as a lifestyle.  Creatives are my favorite type of people because of the freedoms/uniqueness allowed in the expression.  I enjoyed drawing cartoons as a kid.  As I matured, my artistic channel became more musically inclined. This tango with Art and love has brought me back around to how I once felt as a youth.




Ariel, a 22 year-old artist based in Dorchester, ma. Her body of work highlights and educates viewers on social issues. She believes art is an essential form of expression and can start and guide social movements.


Artist Assistant


Jordyn has been around art her whole life! She is an amazing artist!  She was born in 2007.  Fun fact, her parents are the owners of MPA!

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