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Travel Paint Parties

Painter Pricing: We charge a rate of $5 per creator to travel, plus the cost per person of the craft of choice.

Dates:  We currently only travel Monday-Thursday. You may request a weekend day, and sometimes we can accommodate but cannot guarantee it. 

Travel Costs: We'll come to you for free if you're within 20 miles of Canton. If you're further out, it's just $2 for every mile we travel to reach you.


Party Pack: We come fully equipped with all the painting supplies, aprons, brushes, and even the music. Plus, we bring water for brush cleaning, positive energy, and not one, but two party hosts to keep things lively!


Duration of Fun: We'll show up between 30 to 60 minutes early to set everything up. The painting fun lasts up to 2 hours. After that, we'll clean up, which takes us about 30 minutes. So, we'll be hanging out with you for around 3 hours in total.


Securing the Date: A $150 deposit locks in your event. This covers 2 painters and all our service and facilitation fees, no matter the painting surface!


Your Checklist: Make sure you've got enough tables and chairs, a good space, and an outlet for our music system (because we'd rather not shout 😊).


Extra Tips for an Epic Event: Why not offer some snacks and drinks to your guests? You can even whip up a playlist that we can jam to on our speakers through Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal. We'll snap pictures during the event and share them with you for free!


Just a Heads Up: All our artists need to be 3 years old or above. Little painters aged 6 and under will need an adult to help them with their masterpiece. And for the party to kick off, we need at least 10 participating artists. We encourage everyone to join in the fun!

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