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Art Camp

28 Draper Ln. Canton, MA 02021

Summer Art Camp is now open for registration!

July 10- August 16 (Monday-Wednesday)

9 am to 3 pm

Snack provided

A few images from the last art camp!

  • MPA Summer Art Camp
    MPA Summer Art Camp
    Modern Party Art
    Modern Party Art, 28 Draper Ln, Canton, MA 02021, USA
    Modern Party Art, 28 Draper Ln, Canton, MA 02021, USA
    Summer Camp from July 10- August 16 Ages 5-12

🎨🌟 Brush Up on Fun at Modern Party Art Camp! 🌟🎨

Hey there awesome parents and guardians! 🌈

Are you ready to palette in some major fun for your kiddos this summer? At Modern Party Art Camp, we're not just drawing on our experience – we're creating a colorfully wacky, delightfully artsy, and splendidly imaginative adventure for your little ones! 🖌️

Why should you enroll your child, you ask? Here are some "artfully" convincing reasons!

  1. 🖍️ Technique Tickle: We'll "brush" up on techniques in such a fun way that your child might just think they're playing a game!

  2. 🌈 Color Comedy: Color theory won't just be about reds and blues, but fun stories and silly hues!

  3. 🎨 Famous Artists' Fiesta: Ever wondered what Picasso might've looked like with a clown nose or if Van Gogh had a twin brother named Van Stop? Dive into the whimsical world of famous artists with us!

  4. 🚀 Project Party: 2 major projects and a mini masterpiece every day? That’s a triple threat of treat-tastic art fun!

  5. 🤸 Wiggle Break: Even our brushes need a breather! So we’ve got a 30-minute movement break to stretch those legs and maybe do the "funky paintbrush" dance.

  6. 🍪 Snack-a-Doodle: Our snacks aren’t just yummy; they're a bite-sized blast of creativity fuel!

A few "sketchy" (in a good way!) pointers for parents:

  • Pack a lunch that doesn’t want to microwave surf. Non-microwaveable delights, please!

  • No crocs or sandals. Because even toes wanna make art sometimes, but we want to keep them safe.

  • If your kiddo has some special needs or just a unique quirk or two, let us know. We want to make sure we roll out the red (or blue, or green, or polka-dotted) carpet just right for them.

To wrap up our colorful pitch: If you want your child to have a blast, learn loads, and maybe come home covered in a bit of glitter (it’s the mark of a true artist, after all), enroll them in our camp. We promise it’ll be the highlight(ers) of their summer!

So, come on! Let’s mix things up and make this summer unforgettable with Modern Party Art Camp. Canvas you believe it? We sure do! 😜🎨🌟🎉

**Dip your brush into this adventure and enroll today!**🖌️🎈

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