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Step into the realm of digital adventures with Modern Party Art LLC's DIY Video Game Character Canvas Paint Kit! Embrace the evolution of art as our canvases are now digitally handdrawn and printed, capturing the intricate details of beloved game characters with perfection - a sleek upgrade from our classic handdrawn marker approach. From legendary heroes to iconic foes, our selection promises a thrilling journey for every gamer.


What’s Inside the Kit:

  • Dynamic Game Character Designs: Choose from a diverse collection that celebrates the essence of gaming.
  • Premium Paints: 6-10 radiant paint pots designed to mirror the vibrant worlds of video games.
  • Variety of Canvas Sizes: Available in 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, or 12x16, fit for any gaming den or living space.
  • Smooth Brushes: Brushes that ensure every stroke captures your character's spirit.


Key Features:

  • A Gamer's Dream: An unmatched gift for gamers, novices or veterans, of any age.
  • Complete Painting Guide: A full-color wheel to assist in achieving those game-authentic shades.
  • Sustainable Art: Crafted with environmentally conscious materials, combining quality and care.
  • Enhanced Add-ons: Boost your artistic journey with our separately sold easel for the perfect painting posture.


Why Choose Our Kit:
Venture into a creative session that resonates with the heartbeats of epic gaming moments. Revel in the joy of painting, reminisce about epic battles, and take pride in showcasing a piece of your favorite gaming world. This isn't just another paint kit; it's a passport to countless realms, narratives, and memories.

Video Game Character Pre-Printed Canvas

  • Refund Policy for Our Canvases and Paint Kits

    We're committed to ensuring you have a great experience with our products. Should you need to request a refund, please take note of the following:

    • We accept refund or return requests within 24 hours of you receiving the item.
    • Refunds are granted only for damaged products.
    • If your product is damaged, it must be returned to us before a refund is processed.

    Thank you for choosing Modern Party Art LLC. We're here to help and ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

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